Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notes from the sentencing

Our friend Kathy was in court today sending notes as everything happened. Here is a synopsis.

Kathy is in court giving us notes. I'm giving them to you exactly as they were given to me. (Laurie)

  • Ernie came in with the perp orange uniform on. He was in orange sweatpants and a t-shirt when he arrived. Then the "suit crew" showed up with other clothes.
  • The defense is trying to argue that because there's no other conviction in 14 years, it means he is not a danger? REALLY?! More likely, he just hasn't been caught!
  • Tina is at a different location listening in via phone
  • Oh, here we go. Poor Ernie has "low self-esteem," so he shouldn't be held accountable for his actions. Funny, it was high enough to rape a vulnerable child.
  • Amazing how his attorney can characterize no verbal support for him as Ernie not wishing to drag his friends and family through "all this."
  • And he still has the balls to identify himself to her..."She is my Christian sister; I am her Christian brother." Disgusting!
  • Sound problems in courtroom. Tina...we can hear you. You clearly cannot hear us. The judge is chosing to move forward without your participation.
  • "Tina's mother Christine has suffered through this also." Are you kidding me? This statement is the biggest whitewash bull I've ever heard! A laundry list of how HER MOTHER has suffered!
  • "I haven't seen my precious children in several months now." Poor baby.
  • Now he's expressing sorrow for the infamy the church has suffered as a result of this case. Pretty sure Chuckie chose that one.
  • Ernie says - "I can now understand how my lack of assertiveness contributed..." OH MY GOD!! Rape is NOT lack of assertion! Which quack job did he find to condone THAT bull$h1t!
  • Ernie failed a lie detector test as a part of the sentencing investigation.
  • Judge is calling counsel to bench.
  • Bottom line...15 to 30, as recommended by PSI.
  • Why: primary factor...justice for victim. His acts robbed victim of her childhood.
  • Judge is essentially telling Ernie he lied under oath!!
  • What are factors? His level of education should mean that he knew better, but was not a factor the judge considered. Role of pastor and church...Willis is not being punished for those. His lack of responsibility both in the trial and his statements today is what is his decision has been based on.
  • State's point that he admitted only to undeniable act is valid.
  • Judge is speaking now. (Has been). "Bare minimum admission of guilt."
  • Kathy: Lack of record is why he is not getting full twenty. Stand committed, 15-30.
  • Judge--Will recommend, but not order Sex Offender Treatment. Concurrent sentencing for lesser charges.
  • "Betrayal of trust, and the effects on Tina Anderson, (her statements) were as truthful and eloquent as any I have ever heard."
  • Judge is referring to Tina's Victim Impact Statement: http://isupporttinaanderson.blogspot.com/2011/06/tina-andersons-victim-impact-statement.html
  • He does have 103 days pre-trial credit, so 15 years minus 103 days.
  • Proceeding is completed. Bye, Jail Bird!
  • Ultimately, that is the most empathy I've ever seen (in person) the prosecution or judge display for a survivor of sexual assault. TA, you have made much positive impact here in NH. God Bless you more!
  • 15 is the time he has to physically serve with good behavior. It is my understanding that once he physically gets out, he will have to do the remainder (15 more, for a total of 30 years) being monitored, on parole. Just to be certain, she should ask for clarification.

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