Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chuck Phelps Removed Some Information From His Website

Under a recent blog post a reader asked a question:
"I can no longer find the reference on Pastor Phelps website saying Tina was lying or in a consensual, dating relationship with Willis. Do you think they changed it? Or maybe I'm just missing it. Thanks."
After a quick look at the website Chuck Phelps set up (drchuckphelps - DOT - com), I realized there were at least two documents missing -- both pertaining directly to the ABC 20/20 broadcast eventually aired on April 8, 2011 titled, "Shattered Faith." I have a pdf file of the documents on my computer, and there are images of the two documents saved on other websites. One document is a letter is dated July 22, 2010 and is addressed to Alan Goldberg at 20/20. The other document is a statement released on October 14, 2010 that Chuck Phelps put on his website.

Because I am glad Chuck Phelps no longer has those documents visible on his website, and I recently wrote that Phelps should remove documents stating Tina lied from his website, I do not wish to post them here. However, even though he removed them, there are a few problems, in my opinion:

  1. He removed them from the website without a mention or an apology.
  2. He kept other information on his website that STILL refers to Tina as dishonest, so the problem is still not fully resolved.
This image is taken directly from the page: "Specific Answers to some Difficult Questions"

Chuck Phelps says he stands by his answers to the reporter in the parking lot.  

What did Chuck Phelps say to that reporter? Following is a transcript of the conversation. You can go to this video clip online to watch for yourself. The time stamp is approximately 2:56 - 4:39. 

Reporter:  In 1997, did you report that Tina Anderson had been raped?
Phelps:  Absolutely.  Yes I did.
Reporter:  You called it a “dating relationship.”
Phelps:  No, I did not.  I did not call it that.
Reporter:  Why wasn’t it rape?
Phelps:  I called it...
Reporter:  In your statement to us you did call it a “dating relationship.”
Phelps:  Yes, I did call it that in my statement to you because it was an on-going relationship but I did not call it that to the police department at the time.
Phelps:  First, I didn’t know he had impregnated a 15 year-old girl…remember it was an accusation made.  An accusation is not a conviction.  …it’s not the responsibility of the church to close the doors to people who have real problems and issues no matter how heinous.  And so I think you’ll find the community historically has always allowed heinous people under careful guidelines to be part of churches.


  1. For crying outloud! Can he ONLY think about how HE looks and not the devastation he has caused!!!!

  2. You couldn't possibly have a pdf, unless you typed it. His site has always been images. He's not edited one document. Proof?

  3. I have Adobe Pro. Any jpg file (or pretty much any kind of file) can be saved as a pdf. I have every document from Phelps' site saved as a pdf. This is similar to the web page I saved from when BJU when they took down their statement. Google it--this isn't rocket science.


  4. Shame on this man, he is only motivated by making himself look good. In the above post he completely contradicts himself. He lies and distorts the facts to anyone who will listen. BJU does the same. I am a student at BJU, and I heard the BJU statements. BJU needs to publicly apologize and distance themselves from Phelps. He should have been fired from the BJU board long ago. In my opinion he should not even be in the ministry anymore.

  5. Are you using your Adobe Pro at work???

  6. Hello Laurie,

    Could you provide some proof of the changes on Phelps' site? (i.e. pdf's etc?) I have heard him claim that the site has not changed.

  7. Hi Laurie,

    Would you mind providing proof of the claims that you are making? It seems that if you have such proof on record, that you wouldn't mind posting it. It could only help your cause!

  8. A couple of comments from me:
    1. LOL -- no, I'm not using Adobe Pro at work. Funny and nice try :-) I purchased Adobe Pro for my personal computer when I was in grad school in 2009. It's a great tool and I love having it.

    2. I feel really conflicted about putting out the documents that were removed from Chuck Phelps website. Even though he never said why they were removed or apologized, I was glad they were removed from his site. He established in the rape trial of Ernie Willis in May that the website was his. Obviously he accepts responsibility for what is on it. I don't know if he manages it himself or if someone else does. I just know that the documents are no longer there.

    3. To establish that I do have copies of the letter posted on his website from him to Alan Goldberg at ABC 20/20 as well as another document published to his webpage about the 20/20 program, I have uploaded them to my Scribd account here: and

    However, both of these documents are available at other places on the internet. If you use google to search for them, they aren't hard to find.

  9. So... Mr. Anonymous at December 11, 2011 10:00 PM, you said, "You couldn't possibly have a pdf, unless you typed it. His site has always been images. He's not edited one document. Proof?"

    So... since you speak with authority "He's not edited one document" I can't help but ask--are you the person that manages his website? You're comfortable asking me for proof in anonymity and I've been open with my name and providing proof. How about you? Do you have proof that he hasn't edited any of the documents?

  10. Wow.

    What amazes me about the anon posts is the overlooking of Phelps' indiscretions and demands that YOU prove YOU are not lying about being able to save a PDF file. Seriously people? Are you THAT shallow and vapid in refusing to see the lies in front of your FACE where Phelps was proven a liar in open court?

    You'll take Phelps' word over Laurie's because why? Phelps wears a suit and looks reputable? He's managed to finagle his way to the top by hanging around people who hold him in high regard over his handling of the rape of a 15 year old girl?

    WHAT in the world is WRONG with you people?