Monday, May 26, 2014

G.R.A.C.E. is a wonderful resource for churches!

I've mentioned G.R.A.C.E. on the blog before, but they deserve another mention tonight. Led by Boz Tchividjian and a great team of professionals, G.R.A.C.E. provides all kinds of resources for churches, from prevention of child abuse training, to response assistance when something happens, to all kinds of articles and even consultations if a church wants to contact them.

Not too long ago, a church in West Virginia found themselves in a very difficult situation. Boz blogged about it here
"A former church youth volunteer in Bluefield, West Virginia, was recently arrested on charges of child sexual abuse.  The arrest was a culmination of the actions by an amazing church that actually took the right steps when learning that one of its members was suspected of abusing a child.  As a result, at least 12 individuals have stepped forward to report being sexually abused as a child by this individual." (read the rest here)
Please read the whole blog entry. It's encouraging and well worth the read. 

I can't help but be encouraged to read this story. It brought tears to my eyes to think of the difference the way this church handled things will make in the lives of the victims as they journey to become survivors. 

It was my great pleasure to meet Boz Tchividjian in person at a conference in which he participated in Greenville, SC in September 2013. The host of the conference, North Hills Community Church, has posted all of the conference videos and power point files online. 

Tina Anderson came to visit during September so she could attend the conference as well. I remember sitting in the conference room at one point while we were taking a break and watching Tina hug and interact with some of the attendees at the conference. I couldn't help but smile and think about the good things God has done. So many survivors have been encouraged by Tina's willingness to tell what happened to her. More people than I can count have shared how her courage has inspired them. 

As Boz likes to say, "Aslan is on the move." Even in the dark and difficult days, God's grace is apparent. 

Thank you, Boz, for your faithfulness to assist churches so they know what to do. Your experience as a prosecutor of crimes against children has to have left you with some heavy heart burdens, but your willingness to use that to help others is making a difference!! 

Posting with a thankful heart,

Laurie Moody

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tina Asks: "Is a Broken Heart Worth the Cost?"

Tina wrote recently in a blog post that she received news her mother's husband will be prosecuted for sexual abuse. Tina and Tim have been issued a subpoena to appear at the trial.

Tina said on her blog:
"I really have no desire to go through the whole trial process again. I would much rather be home with my children. BUT I know that this is right. So many studies have shown that most sex offenders do not change and will re-offend. If my testimony can help prevent even one child from being hurt, then to me it is worth the pain that is inevitably coming."
Reporting an abuser and testifying in court is extraordinarily difficult and takes an immense amount of courage and support. Please take the time to read the entire post and leave a note of support. If you are a Christian, Tina would appreciate your prayers.


Sexual abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes and one of the crimes with the highest recidivism rates. For more information about sexual abuse or assault and how to support survivors, please see the following resources.


The Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) is an unprecedented public safety resource that provides the public with access to sex offender data nationwide. NSOPW is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Justice and state, territorial, and tribal governments, working together for the safety of adults and children.