Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Campaign To Remove Chuck Phelps From BJU Board

Specific actions supporters and friends of Tina Anderson can do to help in the Campaign to Remove Chuck Phelps from the Bob Jones University Board.

1. Sign the petition:  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/chuckphelps/

2. Write a letter asking Bob Jones University Administration to remove Chuck Phelps from the board.

  • The Articles that control how the boards work at BJU are set up so that a limited number of people really have any control: "In short, the chancellor and chairman of the board and his most trusted cronies are the ones with all the power. They decided they loved Chuck enough to bring him back in the middle of a scandalous trial that exposed Chuck's penchant for equivocation and self-contradictory statements, and they're the ones who would have to decide whether or not to chuck him out now. Applying pressure on BJU's employees and administration is good, but what about the old white guys who really matter?"
  • Here is a list of men that really control this decision. Please contact them:
PLEASE still contact the administration, other board members and pastors you know that will be concerned about this, but also urge them to contact the men that control the final outcome of the decision. 
3. Write a letter to churches that you know support Bob Jones University and ask those pastors to speak out against this travesty. (List of supporting churches coming soon)

4. Call Bob Jones University to express your disapproval of this action.
  • 864-242-5100
5. Use social media
  • Twitter
  • Bob Jones University Alumni Association is on twitter so you can tweet from your own account with a link to the petition and tag BJU by adding @BJUAlumni to your tweet. When you use Twitter, use the hashtag #RemoveChuckPhelps (with no spaces or other punctuation than the # symbol)
  • ABC 20/20 is on Twitter. Post the petition link and add @ABC2020 and   #RemoveChuckPhelps to the tweet
  • Elizabeth Vargas is on Twitter. Post the petition link and add @EVargasABC and  #RemoveChuckPhelps to the tweet
6. You can comment on Elizabeth Vargas' web page - She is the journalist that did the interview of Tina Anderson and other survivors from IFB churches in Shattered Faith.

7. Contact Media Outlets

  • Media Outlets in Indianapolis, IN
  • Media Outlets in Greenville, SC

    Note: Back-ups for articles can be found on Scribd if they disappear from the internet.


  1. Boy, I tell you. This has really gotten me upset. My daughter wants to go to school at BJU. I had told her that she could with certain restrictions chief of which was that she could not actually earn a degree there but must transfer to a school that will accept the credits and actually earn a degree from an accredited school. We were fine with that.....until this. Now I am going to assert my parental authority and tell her that absolutely under no circumstances should she attend this corrupt place.

    And while we're on the topic of corruption....what good will it do to get Chuck Phelps off that board? They are rotten and stinking through and through. (This is absolutely the last straw for me.) Tossing Chuck off won't do anything to help this foul board. Just look at them. They are a bunch of old, mean, sourpusses. Many of them I recognized and remembered something negative about them or their ministries.

    And what's with the Joneses being on the board? Isn't there some TRACS guideline that prohibits the President of the institution from being the CEO of the board. Something is really not right here. I mean REALLY not right.

    ~~Steamed in SC

  2. I agree. Until this, I thought people were being too harsh on BJU / IFB--no more. This one thing takes the cake, and BJU is relishing every moment of this controversy. They have spoken volumes through this one action. It is a renewed attack upon abuse victims everywhere. It is an attack upon all Christians everywhere that if you are not a BJU / IFB kind of Christian, then you had better repent, get saved, and get right with God, because if you are not on "their" side of what they define as Christianity, you are on the way to hell. It is an ultimatum: their way or no way--Heaven or Hell. Anyone who does not agree with BJU and the IFB . . . well everyone knows where "they" are going . . . .

    I believe this decision reflects a renewed attack on abuse victims still within their ranks. In IFB church pulpits abuse victims will be cleverly manipulated to convince them to keep their mouths shut. Church members who dare to ask questions will be vilified as will those who start planning to leave their IFB churches. There will be all sorts of mental and spiritual manipulation and abuse, even more intense as they work overtime to keep control of their churches and their members. They lost big on the Tina Anderson case, and now they must counter-attack to keep it from happening again. They will re-double their efforts to silence the victims and to keep their people under control and the leaders in power. Everything depends on it. More people will be hurt and victimized. Those who are already victims will be re-victimized as we are yet again. Their message to survivors: "How many more must be hurt before you victims just shut up, get out of our churches, and get over it?"

  3. Email addresses for the rest of the BJU Board of Trustees have also been posted online.

  4. I think that what goes on in the name of the Lord by men who have been lifted to high positions of authority within organized Christianity, especiall of the Baptist kind, would make your hair curl. I think their faith is counterfeit because if they realized believed in God they would fear Him and they would know He sees everything they do. They have no fear but they do their best to instill fear in the "faithful" who trust them out of Christian charity. Woe to these men on judgment day.

  5. I've signed the petition. I've seen IFB abuse by church authority where the pastor has supreme control and no one questions. The last, and final, IFB church I attended was literally owned by the pastor. He had no board, no accountability, and he owned the land the church sat on as well as the building. It was, of course, his way or the highway. He used clever manipulation tactics to keep the gullible faithful in check. I thank the Lord He broke me free of all that and now I can see it for what it is. Jesus is not in religion or even in denominations (and yes, even though many IFBs don't think they are a denomination, they are); He said "If you love me, keep my commandments." The "faith" of these men is being revealed in the fact that God sees everything they do and they have no qualms about it.

  6. I'm curious as to what the issue with John Lewis is.