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Updated: June 24, 2015

Blog Posts Talking About Tina Anderson's Story as Part of the scandal over Bob Jones University putting Chuck Phelps* back on their board.
*In the wake of all the news stories leading up to and after the trial of Ernest Willis, Chuck Phelps has discontinued using the nickname "Chuck" and instead uses Dr. Charles R. Phelps or a version of that on most websites where he has a voice, such as his personal page and his church's pages.

Other Blogs Talking About Tina Anderson's Story
Updated: May 29, 2014

SharperIron Forum (Not a blog, but a forum "hosted by people of historic fundamentalist conviction")
Stop Baptist Predators: Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse
SNAP Network: Survivors Network of Those Abused By Priests
Bob Bixby's Blog: Pensees
Emotional Abuse And Your Faith: Hannah's Blog
Darrell Dow over at Stuff Fundies Like has devoted several posts to Tina Anderson's story:
Blog on the Way provides information and resources to assist victims of church abuse in Christian Fundamentalism and is devoted to documenting child sexual abuse perpetrators and cover-ups within Independent Fundamentalist Baptist churches (some refer to themselves as Independent Fundamentalist Bible Believing Churches).

Free By His Grace: Musings From a Recovering Fundamentalist
Cindy at Under Much Grace has several blog entries:
Chuckles Travels is a blog devoted to discussing problems within the IFB including child abuse and Tina Anderson's story.
Water Lily Blog
True Crime Report
Pound Pup Legacy: A Blog Supporting the Well-Being and Safety of Children
Mandi Kaye's Blog
Understanding Our Times: Current Events In Light of a Christian Worldview
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