Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Questions for Tina

Over the next couple of weeks, Tina is willing to accept questions from you. She asks that any questions that you have be posted here. These questions will be reviewed and she will take the time to answer some of your questions. I am sure that there will be some questions that she can't or will not be able to answer but she will answer the ones she can. In a few weeks, her answers will be posted on this blog.

Please be considerate and respectful, just as you would treat your own mom, sister or friend.

UPDATE: Tina answered the questions - http://isupporttinaanderson.blogspot.com/2011/09/tina-anderson-answers-questions-from.html


  1. I was at court with you of course... but, I'm curious what the FIRST thing was that went through your head when they read the verdict. :)


  2. What have you done each day to focus on "first things first" and stay relaxed under pressure? Any tips for other victims, who are going through very traumatic court cases right now?

  3. I guess as I watch, I am also deeply concerned for your daughter that was given up. I am praying for her often. I wonder if you will ever be given the chance to meet her again.. Also, how can we best pray for her? I pray that she will learn to relax in the arms of the God of grace and love who created her with joy despite the circumstances of her conception.

  4. After going through all you did, what would be your advice for those just starting the legal process? I'm sure survivors could benefit from one who's already walked the path. Miss you!

  5. Hello my dear!!!!

    As a fellow abuse survivor: What are some of you tatics you use to combat the "bad days"...those days where just getting up is a struggle, let alone taking care of the kids and housework?

    :) Luv Ya! ~Hannah