Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why blog about Tina's story?

The purpose of this blog is to have a central place on the web where information can be compiled for those that want to support Tina. Unfortunately, there are those that would rather protect their own reputation than do the right thing, and they have attempted to erase the truth from other places on the internet.

Tina has shown amazing courage. May God bring justice to those that hurt her and may He show them more mercy than they have shown her.

There will also be links added from time to time for churches, pastors and caring people that want to prevent things like this from happening to those in their own church community or that want to help a loved one or friend heal from abuse.


  1. Laurie,
    Thank you for creating this blog to provide a centralized location for information and updates regarding Tina's case.

    Primarily, I think it's a great way to publicly show everyone, including Tina, the magnitude of the support base that she has. We've got your back, Tina!

    Secondly, my hope is that supporting church members and pastors, ESPECIALLY pastors, will also rally here in support of Tina, to acknowledge along with us, that when a church/pastor makes the choice to circle the wagons in order to protect an abuser, whether they be within the church, or within a "mission" supported by the church, it does not bring people to God. It drives them away. It needs to also be agreed upon that an abuser within a church or church supported mission/institution needs PRISON TIME as part of their "restoration". Only acknowledgement, exposure and purging of this sickness within churches will renew, and perhaps CREATE faith.

  2. Completely agree with that last paragraph! Two thumbs up!

  3. I agree too! My husband and I are counselors and evangelists and we stand with Tina and any others who might come forward as a result of this.