Saturday, January 22, 2011

FFF and Sharper Iron Posts

Supposedly, these are the forums where Christians post their opinions/concerns. Take the word with a grain of salt though. Unfortunately, not all Christians love like God/Jesus loves/loved. Sharper Iron is a good example of how some of the pastors just want to cover up and keep the good ol boys' club protected. SAD.

Fighting Fundamentalist Forums (FFF):
Sharper Iron:
“The most disappointing, hurtful thing in all of this has not been that we’re getting bad press. It’s not been that the story just keeps going and we want it to stop. The most disappointing thing is that our love and compassion toward people has been questioned.”
Which was then quickly and appropriately answered by respondent #2:
"Dude, The most disappointing thing is not that that your church's attitude's were questioned, but that a girl got raped. Then she got publicly humiliated before the people you think are the ones the most hurt. The compassion and love of the congregation has been quite justly called int question - consider the situation from the girl's perspective..."

The comments on the Sharper Iron forums by the admins/moderators that continually circle back to supporting the perpetrators in the church instead of supporting the victim is deplorable. I can only begin to wonder what has been covered up/explained away in their own churches. Thankfully, there are a few that have really pushed for accountability and repentance--they are a breath of fresh air.

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